Asimos or Asimovecs
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Asimos or Asimovecs are fully-sophont server vecs whose only duty is to serve others, provided that they are taken care of. As their name suggests their creation was inspired by the Old Earth science fiction author Dr. Isaac Asimov. As further tribute they are generally programmed with a slightly modified version of the near mythic Three Laws of Robotics. Asimos are not to be confused with the ancient servant vecs and machine-workers of the Interplanetary Period or the slave-vecs in some vec-unfriendly polities. They are not slaves in any way and are given full sentient rights, including the right to choose and leave an owner. However they are very well adapted psychologically to being obedient and resourceful servants, and only a few ever choose any other lifestyle.

Most members of this superclade is found almost entirely in the Utopia Sphere and in the areas controlled by the Caretaker Gods. Ever since their existence became common knowledge soon after the Version War, opinion has been very divided. Vec supporters have often argued that their position is no better than the so-called slave-vecs. Luddites and other anti-vec groups have said that the Asimos are the ideal level of all sophont vecs. Numerous minor conflicts have erupted over this, but the Asimos themselves are indifferent. All they want is a safe place to work and an assurance of proper treatment and regular maintenance. Mostly they are found in households doing household chores or in offices doing similar work. A small percentage are employed in light industry.

All Asimovecs are modosphont-level entities and have never shown intentions of becoming transapients. Asimo rebellions are unheard of, unless the Asimovec(s) are badly mistreated by their 'masters', in which case the voluntary nature of this relationship becomes apparent - the vec will discreetly look for employment elsewhere, and suddenly disappear. Some Asimovecs have been the target of hackers, attempting to gain control of the vec in order to commit crimes or cause various kinds of inconvenience; this usually ends badly for the hacker.

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Initially published on 01 February 2004.