A more advanced form of the Slinguist modification, and derived from the same research during the middle First Federation period. Slearners possess the same 'two-layered' learning ability of the Slinguists, but rather than merely applying to the learning of forms of communication, it applies to all of the learning abilities of the sophont, allowing the acquisition of all kinds of skill, major and minor, physical and mental, with the same ease as a very young child.

This modification is a very widely used one, and is found in sophonts of all toposophic levels all across Terragens space. Over the years it has been further improved, going beyond merely human levels of learning ability into fully optimised, highly efficient and literally superhuman forms of learning.

Those with this modification have become known as Slearners, from 'Super-Learners'.
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Text by Tony Jones
Initially published on 01 August 2004.