Beacon Project, The
With the receipt of the Triangulum Transmission and its confirmation of the existence of at least one extragalactic civilization of comparable complexity to that of Terragens, a great interest has recently developed among a number of xenophilic groups in attempting to contact other such cultures across intergalactic space. Supported by a number of clubs and special interest societies such as the Institute of Contact and the Church of All Communication, the Beacon Project intends to employ the entire power output of a dyson to the task of signaling both the Triangulum civilization and any other cultures that may exist in other galaxies. While these groups existed even before the Transmission, they had heretofore been limited to small signaling installations and sending out occasional 'seeker' probes toward unexplored sections of the galaxy. The Triangulum Transmission caused a marked increase in both memberships and resources, permitting the purchase of an uninhabited minor star system along with the construction templates for a standard dyson power collection swarm.

Signaling arrays are also being built in the system and when solar array construction is completed in approximately 28 months, the 'Seekers' as they have come to call themselves in the last decade, intend to launch their project by transmitting a reply message toward the Triangulum galaxy. The intent of course is to let the Triangulum civilization know that their Transmission has been successful in at least one case.

Critics point out that the Triangulum Transmission appears to have primarily been intended as a warning of the approaching Leviathan and that replying to it may reveal the presence of our civilization to the enigmatic intruder. Further, in addition to the Leviathan, who knows what other great dangers or unknowns may turn their attention toward the Milky Way as a result of the Beacon? Possibly with disastrous long term results. The Seekers dismiss such concerns as paranoia and continue in their construction of the Beacon, un-dissuaded.
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Initially published on 19 October 2003.

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