Bliss Glyph

Bliss Glyph
Image from Steve Bowers

Bliss glyphs, known more formally as Positively Re-enforcing Emoto-Active Neuro-Fractal Pattern Groups, come in a variety of forms, many optimized for particular types or classes of sophont. Because of their pleasurable or positive results, ease of use (one has only to perceive them), and general lack of negative side effects, such glyphs or related patterns have been extensively studied and developed and by the modern period can be found in forms that can effect nearly every type of modosophont mind. However, when dealing with large numbers of different modosophonts, such as in the more cosmopolitan population centers, care must be taken not to employ patterns that while pleasurable to some, are distinctly disturbing or off-putting to others.

Bliss glyphs are most popular in the Sophic and Utopian spheres, but can be found in nearly every major civilization to one degree or another (NoCoZo advertising combines often use them in marketing campaigns, MPA architects of the Emotive School will often employ them as integral parts of buildings and megastructures, while the Negentropy Alliance has a near pathological antipathy toward such 'pointless and wasteful' technologies).

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 20 December 2006.