Ilahlu Barrier, The

ilahlu barrier
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The Ilahlu Barrier was first theorized shortly after the discovery of the first alien wormhole was discovered and traversed safely. Since the wormhole put the expansion of civilization out much farther than ever before, a strange, but trivial, phenomenon was discovered. In civilization, there is a constant "suspended chatter" from Earth along broadcast wavelengths and with a strong enough receiver, it was postulated that it may be possible to listen back through a few hundred years of history and re-record some events broadcast on old wavelengths and frequencies.

The theory holds, from extremist branches of the pseudo-scientific community that it if a powerful enough receiver can somehow be moved in front of the first wavelengths ever broadcast from earth during the late industrial age, it would be possible to re-record and capture missing history from the pre-Technocalypse era. This theory, or popular legend, requires the discovery of an alien wormhole with the right time displacement between the mouths to allow access to the historical light-cone; a requirement which seems unlikely or even impossible to be ever met. But the idea persists like time travel, faster than light movement, magic and teleportation.

The Ilahlu Barrier got its name from a short lived pop culture phenomenon where a spate of entertainments of the time focused on the idea of passing what they called the Ilahlu Barrier and was able to effectively record history and find all kinds of lost secrets of Pre-Swarm civilization. These entertainments were a very powerful fad of it's day, but very little of them survives to this day beyond the name of this mythical boundary, the Ilahlu Barrier. It is claimed that you will know when you have the barrier pass over you because you will hear an ancient theme song, being one of the most powerful of the early broadcasts, thanks to its repetitive broadcast during its popularity.

In truth, today, there is a small organization devoted to monitoring wormhole growth in the Nexus and waiting with the ability and desire to go through any newly discovered wormhole that would put a receiver in front of the barrier and wait to see if the theory is true, and be ready to record any information and wisdom discovered.

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Text by Michael Boncher
Initially published on 11 October 2005.