Recursive Arcology

A recursive arcology is a virch-based existence in which (for example) there is significant conflict between sophonts within a virch, each virch has significant conflicts for computronium, each computronium substrate has significant conflicts for power, and each power producer has significant conflicts for limited supplies of matter. Extremely odd survival strategies can come into play in such a convoluted ecological topography, and records of such events are heavily sought after by various researchers of societal and personal survival techniques for the uniquely clear insights they can provide. Most Recursive Arcology projects are banned from the majority of Sephirotic space for various reasons (excessive entropy in Negentropic space, blocking/limiting growth potential in Keter, Solarian, and Sophic League spaces, etc.)

Often regarded as the most perverse version of recursive arcology was the 'Worm' recursive arcology once found (and, allegedly, still stored inactive on computronium) in Version Tree space. This was considered particularly cruel in that each of the lowest-level societal structures was constructed using copies of the same intellects in each instance. Many sapients typically consider the absolute worst aspect of the Worm recursive archive the fact that all sophonts involved in the project were aware of this, and prevented from communicating except via competition for limited resources.

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Text by John B
Initially published on 20 September 2004.