As with so many terms and sayings the origins of the acronym SMPX have been lost in antiquity. Current thinking among linguistic scholars is that the term first appeared in the early Federation Era when Terragen life began reaching out to the stars. In recent years evidence has surfaced linking it to a much earlier time, perhaps as far back as the Information Age. This new evidence, while credible, is still under peer review.

The term SMPX, or The SMPX, will most often be heard among groups of explorers, scientists and / or ship engineers. The acronym actually means `The Spaghetti Monster from Planet X' and has come to signify any generic threat a crew or vessel may encounter when entering unknown or otherwise unexplored territory. An example of typical usage would be, "They may seem silly now but those amat missiles will come in handy if you run into The SMPX!"
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Text by Chris Shaeffer
Initially published on 12 January 2007.