Greeting Messages
The sort of greeting you get depends on where you are, who you are, what polity or empire or representative you are approaching, what augments you have, what memetic orientation, your localnet bandwidth, toposophic status, the turing rating of the welcoming entity, the entity's political, ideological, memetic, and noetic allegiance, and so on. Here are a few samples:

"Welcome to the Solarian Empire technical review, the one source of truly blessed interpretation of current technical gifts and curses to be found both within the safe bounds of Solarian society, and some of the surrounding pagan polities. First off, let us contemplate this blasphemous device. It doesn't appear to be very much - indeed, it seems to be nothing more than an old-technology vector for an injected aphrodisiac. Instead, this accursed device is the dread SNARE - a particularly well-named snare for the intellect!..."

Negentropist welcomer sub-entity - "The Alliance is not willing to allow any active practitioner of Wup to set foot on this habitat, sentient. You must leave the secretion generator nodes here in the terminus biolocker. I would suggest visiting The Good Medic for assistance in removing them."

zerrrrp (sonic signature of a NoCoZo Conceptualization Implant Advertisement, the text of which can be roughly summed up as, "Buy JolaCola - nothing else tastes you as well!", complete with a subliminal lust implant, a salivation enhancer, and certain other bio-emotional triggers)

"ArphidCo welcomes you to Arphid. We thank you for your interest in Arphid Corporate Technologies, and request you input your personal identifier(s) for our dedicated security sentients' attempt to clear you for access to the information you requested..."
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