Quotes and Sayings
"What, you can't handle Gaussian Transform compression on a 5-state system in real time? What good are you??"

"There can be only one quintillion!"

"...but I slotted my chef modchip in my moodchip, and suddenly I was so happy to be slicing plankton.."

"The Sacred Secret is that there are no sacred secrets. Only the pursuit of the concept of a sacred secret..."

"Against Foolishness the archailects emselves avail in vain..."

"And now for something completely ascendant...."

Anyone with a little clarketech can act like a God

Po knows best.

Better a replicator in your manipulator than an autotopia in the outer volumes

Not everything that gamma-shines is amat Goo won't grow on an evolving clade

Holes everywhere are equally black

Tears cannot bring back the unbackuped

No multimedia without bandwidth

Learn from new virches but old AIs

Always look a trojan horse in the mouth

Look not for the glitch in your neighbour's system, see the mandelbug in your own.
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Development Notes
Text by John B, Anders Sandberg, M. Alan Kazlev, Keith Halperin, and John M. Dollan
Initially published on 20 June 2003.