Krek, Steaming Krek
Krekvec Jimm
Image from Steve Bowers
Krek(noun): a grey or brown mold or sludge consisting of various types of feral nanobot or bionano which collects in unsanitary areas of various habitats. Often consists of waste disposal nano or artificial soil support organisms. Krek can establish an ephemeral ecology in dirty and dusty corners until removed, often by specialist krekvecs (q.v). Krek can sometimes ferment noticeably, producing an odour resembling cheese mixed with burning plastic.

Krek which includes any of the various kinds of Nano-rot is particularly troublesome, as it can cause severe damage to structures unless removed promptly.

Krek! (expletive), Steaming Krek! (expletive): Used to express disgust, or the feeling that life is unjust, or that some source of information is inaccurate;
  • This is all a load of steaming krek!*
Krekvec (noun): a type of cleaner vec, generally proud of eir skill and experience in detecting and removing krek infestation, and prone to explain the minutiae of eir task in great detail.
  • As boring as a krekvec's smalltalk.* Krekvecs are a specialised clade of envirovec.
(a typical example of a krekvec's conversation might go as follows; "And then you have to clean right round the flange, because if you don't clean round the flange, the whole infestation will come right back; and you do not want that to happen, believe me. etcetera etcetera...")

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Development Notes
Text by Stephen Inniss and Steve Bowers
Initially published on 15 November 2006.