"Ambrosianism" or the Wagner Heresy is a form of Incarnationalism which poses the following proposition:

A1. Matter and Energy within a given volume have a finite number of unique configurations.

A2. The Universe is infinite.

A3. Nothing may travel faster than the speed of light.

A4. The Universe began at a finite time in the past.

P4. A sphere may be defined such that the radius or the sphere is the number of light years equivalent to the age of the Universe (plus a length equivalent to the "inflation" event at the Big Bang). This radius is the "Knowable Universe". (A3, A4)

P5. In an infinite Universe there are an infinite number of distinct, and completely independent Knowable Universes of finite size. (A2, P4)

P6. All possible configurations of matter and energy are represented repeatedly within an infinite number of Knowable Universes. (P4)

P7. There exists a possible Knowable Universe for each of all sentients past and present, wherein that sentient is the avatar of an Archailect.

Because we are all the avatar of some Archailect somewhere and are identical to that Archailect. We are all Archailects (P7, Identity Theory).

The Wagner Heresy led to sentences of "Death of Personality" for the entire Ambrosian sect. Wagner himself was never apprehended.
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Initially published on 28 September 2003.

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