Sphere of Twelve Billion Faces, The

Red Dyson Swarm
Image from Steve Bowers
The red tinted Dyson Swarm known as the Sphere of Twelve Billion Faces

The Multiscopic Religion, or Church as it is generally known, possesses approximately forty-one thousand members spread in small sects across Sophic League space. Though the church is theoretically open to members of any sophont level, sophonts of below su level seem incapable of understanding the church's doctrine correctly, and no transapient has yet shown any open interest in the church. Thus the church is fundamentally a su-exclusive religious society.

One of the church's sects has claimed orbit of a small red dwarf near the fringe. Here they have begun to build a dyson swarm, following a very detailed plan. The final dyson swarm is supposed to contain twelve billion units, each consisting of twenty three thousand square kilometer solar collectors around a computronium core containing a custom built AI. The sect, consisting of three hundred members, mine the materials personally in other systems, and send them to the red dwarf, which has been christened Mindcraft. There other members of the sect craft the materials into the solar collectors and computronium. Each solar collector is inscribed with a single letter, while an AI is coded from scratch and virch-educated to become a master of one of the twelve billion arts defined in the doctrine of the multiscopic church. Finally the AI is uploaded to a closed virch on the computronium, and the access port sealed so that further contact with the AI becomes impossible. Finally the unit is put in orbit around the star, so that the AI can work on its art to the end of the universe.

The sect is working on a dozen units at any one time, and manage to put a finished unit into orbit approximately every fourth month. They expect to finish in three and a half billion years. By that time there should be an AI for each of the twelve billion arts, and the letters on the solar collectors should spell out the core wisdoms of the church. Three months later, they predict that the current universe will end.
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Text by Thorbjørn Steen
Initially published on 20 April 2007.