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StarDschubba - Delta Scorpii
Distance from Sol401 light years
ArityQuadruple: the main star is a rapidly rotating variable star which emits material from its equator- a 'B-emission' star
Total luminosity1,300 x Sol
Dschubba System is one of the most interesting in the Terragen Sphere; the largest star of this quadruple system is a rapidly rotating B-emission star, with a disk around the equator which consists of mass expelled at least partly due to the considerable centrifugal force at the rim of this very oblate star. This process has been regulated by an array of magnetic accelerators, so that material can now be lifted efficiently from the star's equator.

Two other very bright stars and another more distant companion make up the rest of the system. The total output of these stars is more than twenty thousand times that of the Sun; this energy is used commercially by the cross-cultural Triumvirate metapolity.
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Initially published on 04 July 2008.