Stig Ranes, the

Communion of Worlds diplomacy vessel

Stig Ranes
Image from Steve Bowers

The Stig Ranes (named after the legendary Hibra folk hero) was one of a class of negotiation ships built by the Communion of Worlds following the Version War. These Displacement Drive craft with a complement of 4 empai and 65 empathic nearbaseline humans were guaranteed by the Communion to be unarmed, and instead used the long developed science of empathy and social cognition to gain trust and to demonstrate common ground between entrenched opponents.

This ship first began its diplomatic career during the Second Vec War, although the Commonwealth was not successful in achieving accord at that time. Later the Stig Ranes was pivotal in negotiating between the Objectivist Commonwealth and the Panvirtuality, leading to a lasting accord in the counterspinwards sectors (somewhat to the disapproval of other nearby polities such as the Disarchy). During the 9000s the Ranes interacted many times with the Immanentization Crusaders on behalf of various polities; however the Communion empai often found emselves toposophically outclassed by the zealous transapients in this transcension crusade, and the process of negotiation was often difficult and fruitless. In contrast the work carried out by the empai and crew of the Ranes is thought to have averted a serious conflict among the Vedokiklek clade in spinwards Solar Dominion space. The Ranes was lost during failed negotiations with the aggressive cyborg clade the Xeon in 9544. A new ship of the same name was commissioned at Heartland in 10004.
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 08 September 2005.