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The gas giant Hartebeeste and its modified moon, Aardwolf

Aardwolf System

Primary:Gliese 876
Stellar Type:M3.5 V
Region:15.3 ly from Sol - Central Diamond Belt -- Constellation Aquarius
GL876d:Mantis - 30,000 km diameter - Hot Neptune type --- 3 million km orbit
GL876c:Hartebeeste- 100,000 km diameter Jovian type
GL876c I:(moon) Aardwolf 4000km diameter Callistan subtype, now extensively modified
GL876b:Gnu 140,000 km diameter - 31 km million orbit (eccentric) harmonic 2:1 resonance with Hartebeeste


AI:The Red Dwarf Kings - a collective entity formed from Pink Rabbit, GULO and That's Wonderful, interplanetary age rogue AI
AI ethos:Diamond belt isolationism- since 6103 limited contact made with Silicon Generation, the Three Kings have been making unknown information exchanges with the various Inner Sphere Archailects

Aardwolf system
Image from Steve Bowers


Affiliation:Diamond Belt
Colonized:at an unknown date (before 961 AT) by the ahuman entities known as the Three Kings
1141 AT by !Kung expedition (leader !Kweiten ta//ken)

Psyche, Art, Culture

Metapsychology:Chronotomy - subjective experience of passing time at three different speeds, hyperslow, lifespeed, and hyperfast
Metaethics:Preservation of the !Kung colony against harm into the deep future- all other contact with Bionts avoided
Ideology:Spiritual quest for the omega in an open universe
Culture and Art:(Arranged by decreasing subjective speed)
Cloud Art
Non sapient enlightenment
Mnemetics (aka total recall)
Language:AI machine code, !Kung, !Xam
Territory and Population
Population:758 humans, an unknown number of ahuman entities
Population breakdown:304 x !Kung, 451 x !Xam, 3 transapient entities, further divided into an indeterminate number of subordinate entities.
Territories:Star systems also developed by the Three Kings exist at EZ Aquarii, GL887
Immigration:inwards- several individuals per annum (aioids only)
Major Spaceports:Silicon Generation station at 40AU
Hazard Rating:10 for bionts, 1.0 for Aioids
Freedom of Movement:Aioids (by invitation)- all areas
Environmental Requirements:vacuum hardiness, extreme heat/cold tolerance required
Sites of Interest:(for the tourist) Realtime recordings of the Aardwolf Storms and !Kung colony are in demand by virtual tourists, especially Mirrored Owls Aioid tourists may visit these areas, and may be invited to journey to the future - Warning! This will be a one way trip.

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Development Notes
Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 22 July 2002.