CELSS Closed Ecological Life Support System

Habitat Interior
Image from Steve Bowers
The ecology inside most habitats is a carefully regulated, self-perpetuating CELSS

The purpose of a Closed Ecological Life Support System is to create a self-perpetuating, regenerative environment that can support and maintain life inside a closed system such as a spacecraft, orbiting habitat or surface habitat via biological means. Energy is taken up by the CELSS and produces biomass, food and breathable atmosphere while maintaining homeostasis as far as possible.

Many, but not all, CELSS systems are designed to support Terragen life; some are designed to perpetuate biospheres of more exotic types, sometimes of alien origin, sometimes lazurogened biospheres based on extinct species, and sometimes entirely novel in origin.

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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 14 July 2008.