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Virtual entities who live in the spheres of virchuniverses. Virchers may be uploads, copies of uploads, simms (subsentient or semisentient native inhabitants of a virch) or digis (indigenous digital sophonts). One may also encounter infomorph scions of various aioids, and the avatars of real-life sophonts (vusers) or of AI gods.

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  • Virchophobia - Text by Thorbørn Steen
    Virchophobia is the irrational fear of virches. Virchophobes who find themselves in a virch will suffer from anything from restless anxiety to full-scale panic attacks. Generally virchophobes have no trouble avoiding virches, and once they have realized their disorder will be able to live almost normal lives. Virchophobia sometimes includes the fear of virtuals or a-life, but these fears are generally classified separately.
  • Virchspace - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Any digital space or environment; pertaining to virch or a cybercosm.
  • Virchuniverse - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Generally, an aggregation or collection of thousands of interconnected virchworlds or cybercosms, all sharing the same basic ontology and lay-out, to make traveling from one to the other easier. Sometimes also used to designate a single extremely large virchworld.
  • Virchworld
  • Virtual Body - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    One's av (avatar), the body one takes when 'facing in virtual reality. By means of the virtual body, even the sensorium of the ordinary body is transformed to appear and feel different than it does in rl.
  • Virtual Reality
  • Virtual Rights - Text by Max More in Anders Sandberg's Transhumanist Terminology
    Rights given for convenience to a partial; these rights are really rights of the person whose partial it is, rather than of the partial itself. Similar in some respects to currently existing corporate rights.
  • Virtual Sex - Text by M. Alan Kazlev
    Sex in virtual reality incorporating a visual, auditory, and tactile environment. The sex partner can be a real or simm person.
  • Virtualics - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Science and art of engineering, designing, and/or studying virtual worlds and universes.
  • Virtualism - Text by Anders Sandberg
    The belief, common among many long-term virchers and long-term copies, that only virch is real, and ril is an illusion.
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  • Vuser
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