Flaming Baryons, The
Flaming Baryons
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The Flaming Baryons are a band of extreme performers from Corona. Their concerts unite ynity punk music, pulse bass and creative strobe lighting into a style reminiscent of thousands of faceless bands across the Inner Sphere. What makes a flaming baryons concert unique is that they borrow from the ceremonies and scriptures of Alto Stisboi. While playing music inspired by the scriptures, and displaying religious imagery, the performers sacrifice lucky audience members on the stage, before the entire audience is soaked in a kerosene-oxygen mix and set alight at the climax of the concert. Though the band has a loyal fan base of at least fifty thousand sophonts, it is still considered an underground band by most fans. They are especially popular amongst the Coronese youth; the average fan's age is below 80 years.

Most of the audience members perform backups before visiting a concert. Even though the Flaming Baryons prohibit digital reproductions of the concerts, a few bootleg copies of audience mind states can be found on the known net. Loyal fans are constantly on the outlook for these copies, either to find out what they actually experienced during the concert, or to destroy the sites that host them.

Most of the Alto Stisboi sects have condemned the Flaming Baryons, seeing the band as an insult against their religion. Over the course of the band's sixty year career, it has been attacked during concerts by more extreme branches of the faith at least 150 times. This tally includes only those attacks that resulted in fatalities during the concert, and not various demonstrations, attacks resulting in nonfatal bodily harm, or attacks before or after the concert.

The Flaming Baryons have never left Corona, and conduct most of their concerts in their amphitheatre in Celsiusen. For the last 52 years, they have taken a the schedule of leaving Celsiusen only once a year to perform a ten-day, thirty performance tour passing through Heisenberg, the University City, Albertgrad and other major Coronese cities. The tour always ends with a last performance near the suicide spot of Sventik Opek. This concert is always ended early due to attacks from Alto Stisboi adherents.
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Text by Thorbørn Steen
Initially published on 23 May 2007.