Pen-y-Ghent System

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Pen-y-Ghent System -Data Panel)

GalactographyPrimary: Pen-y-ghent (YTS 56999 45812)

Stellar Type: F1 - comfort zone 1.4 AU

Companion: YTS 56999 45812B (class M1v red dwarf mean 450AU distant)

Region: Mutual Progress Association middle regions - 790 ly from Sol - Constellation Scorpius
Planets:-- peristellar asteroids major solar powerbeam + amat farms
1 Gravel 4000km Mercurial subtype
semimajor axis 40 million km
sparse cyborg+su population

2 Whernside 6000km Pelavenusian subtype
semimajor axis 90 million km
extremophile tweak (Clade Leda) + to'ul'human bases

3 Ribblehead 16 000km large terrestrial planet carbon-rich subtype
semimajor axis 200 million km orbit
massive voluntary low tech population of baselines, tweaks, heroms, splices, rianths and neogens on 23 continents

4 Turner 195 000km superjovian
semimajor axis 1300 million km
rapid spinner, equatorial radiative belt precludes settlement in atmosphere- three inhabited satellites- cyborg+ space adapted hu+ Methanoid tweaks

5 Shadrach subjovian licensed to Backgrounder clades

6 Mesach subjovian

7 Hackenbush subjovian

Shadrach, Mesach and Hackenbush are in harmonic eccentric orbits from 2500 million km to 4700 million km
Population:Ribblehead Ribblehead 15 billion
Ribblehead city ring 30 billion including virtuals

Whernside 600 million
Gravel 30 million
Turner 1 billion including virtuals
Shadrach, Mesach and Hackenbush 500 million including virtuals
Immigration:(excluding Ribblehead)
15 million per annum into Whernside from all vectors - To'ul'hs, to'ul'humans and Clade Leda
25 million emigration to Sagittarius expansion direction

10 million per annum to Turner from Inner Sphere
30 million emigration to Sagittarius expansion direction

30 million per annum to outer worlds from Backgrounder sphere - (estimated)-
50 million per annum to Sagittarius expansion direction (estimated)
AI monitor for Whernside:Mm'pihh-iik (To'ul'human integration oversight monitor)
Legal system:Free zone law applies in Backgrounder orbits

Image from Steve Bowers

Image from Steve Bowers

Image from Steve Bowers

Image from Steve Bowers

Image from Steve Bowers

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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 16 October 2008.