Derrida Modelling

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One process of reducing the storage requirements for sapient uploads. As a sentient is uploaded, it is 'deconstructed' into different weights of several million archetypes. That is, Joe Schmoe might be 0.4 tinkerer, 0.4 mechanic, 0.5 parent(male, positive archetype), 0.2 parent(male, negative archetype), etcetera. Note that the archetypes do NOT sum to a given total. This reduces the amount of storage drastically when trillions of beings are stored in a given ISO, for instance, requiring only the unique details of the being's life (date of birth, spouses' name, etc) to be encoded.

Note that this does increase the amount of processing required, however, as the processors must integrate the various archetypes for each being instead of simply running a single program per being, but this can be a tradeoff which is acceptable especially as this cuts down the distance which must be travelled for information on a given being.

Derrida modelling takes its name from the baseline philosopher Jaques Derrida, who was considered the founder of a school of philosophy called 'deconstructionism'. Deconstructionism figuratively breaks problems, objects, etc into their smallest coherent portions and attempts to address the whole in terms of answering each of the pieces.

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Initially published on 10 August 2004.