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SystemKapella (Chapel)
PrimaryKyrie (Lord)
Stellar TypeF7
PlanetsAria, Bagatelle, Symphony, Harmony, Serenade, Lullaby, Nachtmusik
AI OverseerKapellmeister (Master of the Chapel)
AffiliationCrystal Star Domain
Founded7087 AT

The Kapella system like all the systems of the Crystal Star Domain has been sculpted on a massive scale. It is a place of worship for beings throughout the CSD. The very orbits of the habitats, megastructures, and planets of Kapella have been modified so as to create a musical chant when plotted into a computer. Every form of vibration of pattern and form that can be created is created in the Kapella system. Broadcasts of light, sound, and electromagnetic radiation fill the system. The Great Symphony that this forms is so huge, so complex that only the AI gods can hear it in its entirety. The parts that can be heard by the lower level beings though prove to be beautiful beyond compare.

The Cantata

The Cantata is the cybercosm of Kapella. It is spread among the entire system. It moves in tune to with the Great Symphony and forms a integral part of the entire system. Within the Cantata one will find an entire ecology of alifes that form complex musical patterns. It is the Cantata that draws many aioid and virch visitors to Kapella. Every bit of information within the Cantata is woven into the pattern of musical information.

Bionts can experience a pale version of the Cantata through VR and eir DNIs. The combination of sensory inputs of the Cantata creates so many varied emotional responses that ones body seems to simply become an extension of the song. It has been know for beings to get so caught up in the thrall of Cantata that they choose to upload and become one with the song.

Through the Cantata all is one within the Kapella system. From the smallest bit of utility fog in the atmosphere of harmony to the gut flora of baseline visitors all is one within Kapella. The flow of the music will enchant, enthrall, and move all to its tune.


This star is the home of the subsection of Crystal Star that resides in the system. While Kapellmeister handles various mundane administrative affairs of the system Crystal star emself directs the system on a grander scale. The native planets and lifeforms of the system serve to create a complex series of harmonic effects which mimic music. Other parts actually produce music. The very star itself is the conductor of the grand symphony which is the Kapella system.

Every note and vibration in the system dances to the tune of Kyrie and through Kyrie Crystal Star. The worlds and every living thing moves to this tune, which has created a system of unparallelled beauty, harmony, and sound. This harmony has a very spiritual effect, which has made it one of the one of the spiritually moving areas in the Terragen Bubble.

The entire set of vibrations in the system is known as The Great Symphony.

Aria: The first world of the system is Aria, a small terrestrial world. It has been polished smooth and covered in a complex crystalline structure that vibrates in tune to the activities of the sun. Habitats specially designed caverns in the crystals allow beings to experience the sound of the vibration. Aria creates a song of praise that fills the caverns. The sound of Aria was designed by a group of the higher S level beings of the CSD. The effect of the music tends to affect many beings so strongly that it is very common to see beings crying in awe and joy (or equivalent functions) when visiting the Caverns of Aria.

Bagatelle: This is really a minor planet only 200km in diameter that circles Kyrie in an eccentric orbit. It is a creative center for one of the subsections of the Kapellmeister AI. It is known to broadcast whimsical music, which adds a child-like quality to the overall tone of the system.

Symphony: This is a terraformed world with a specially designed worldhouse roof. It is larger than Mars but still smaller than Earth. The ecosystem is extremely complex and has a level of harmony and variety worthy of a natural ecosystem. Every plant and animal produces vibrations of a musical quality. To stand on Symphony is to hear the song of life itself. The worldhouse roof creates opalescent formations that move with the symphony of life. The sounds of Symphony cover the entire range of sounds. The very air seems to vibrate.

The worldhouse roof even controls the weather to suit to moods of the life of symphony. The interactions of roof and life plant and animal has captured the minds of many beings. One should note that while even a baseline is awed by symphony, the higher S level beings are just as awe as the songs are more complex than they appear at first. The greater your toposophic level the more moving the sounds of symphony can be.

Harmony: Harmony is a Jovian world with a system of rings and orbiting moons that create breath taking visual display. The world is the 'body' of the Kapellmeister AI god. Eir mind is distributed among the moons and through the gas giant's metallic hydrogen layer. The Kapellmeister can be consider the high priest of Crystal Star in the system. Harmony is filled with many floating habitat bubbles that resonate with the vibrations created in the winds and atmosphere of the gas giant.

Serenade: This is a microjovian world. The atmosphere is tinged with a rainbow of colors. Serenade is in a orbital resonance with Harmony. When it nears Harmony it increase its vibration and in a very real sense Serenades the Kapellmeister.

Lullaby: This is a small world near the edge of the system. It is known as the world of dreams. The musical theme is meant to smooth and calm. It is one of the most relaxing places to be found in the Crystal Star Domain.

Nachtmusik: This is a small ice ball in the outer reaches of the system where little light reaches. It is the song in the silence and is the greeting and farewell spot for the Kapella system.

Ensemble: This is the cluster of habitats of Kapella that orbit and flow around the worlds of the system. They form the audience of the Great Symphony. Each habitat is also a part of the Great Symphony but slightly less so than the worlds of Kapella.

Cherubs: These are space adapted beings with solar sail wings that flit about the system adding a EM electromagnetic voice to the pattern of the Great Symphony. They will flock around ships and sing to them. They sing to the stars and the planets and form a Choir of beings that greet people visiting Kapella.

Visiting Kapella

When visiting Kapella one must be cautious of becoming too immersed in the Great Symphony. Those who fully immerse themselves within its pattern become part of the pattern forever more. When beings choose to die within the CSD they often choose to immerse themselves in the Great Symphony becoming one with the pattern in a form of musical rapture that is unparallelled.

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Text by James Ramsey
Initially published on 18 February 2003.