Gliese 581

Multiplanet system in the Inner Sphere

Gliese 581c ::
Image from Steve Bowers
Gliese 581c, a hot-water-world in the inner sphere with a high pressure supercritical water ocean surface

Gliese 581 - Data Panel

StarGliese 581
Distance from Sol20.3 ly
Spectral typeM3V red dwarf
PlanetsAll these planets have unusually low orbital eccentricities.
e1.9 x mass of the Earth: orbit 0.03AU: year = 3.15 standard days: a small pyrothalassic world
b15.6 x mass of the Earth: orbit= 0.04AU: year = 5.3 standard days: an epistellar neptunian world
c5.6 x mass of the Earth: orbit = 0.073AU: year = 12.9 standard days: a hot-waterworld
gZarmina 3.1 x mass of the Earth: orbit = 0.15AU: year = 36.6 standard days: a large, temperate Vesperian world
d5.6 x mass of the Earth: orbit = 0.22AU: year = 66.9 standard days: a slightly cooler wet superterrestrial world
f7.0 x mass of the Earth: orbit = 0.75AU: year = 433 standard days: a cool microjovian
Colonised1099AT by the First Federation
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Initially published on 06 November 2008.