Paludial Subtype

Humid Gaian worlds with less than 50% ocean cover

Daedalus Zeta1 Reticuli
Image from Steve Bowers
Daedalus (Zeta1 Reticuli III), a Paludial Gaian world

Gaian Type planet. Warm worlds with a relatively high water vapour content in the atmosphere, but with relatively small and shallow seas. Water covers 25 to 50% of the surface. Compared to other gaian worlds with this proportion of sea/ocean cover, paludial worlds are very wet, but the water is mostly retained in the atmosphere.

Low topography and a mixing of land and water areas lead to an oceanic climate. These worlds often see high amounts of precipitation globally, and vegetation is typically wide spread.

Example Daedalus (Zeta1 Reticuli III)

In contrast campian subtype worlds do not have such humid atmospheres, so are much drier despite having a similar amount of sea/ocean coverage.
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Initially published on 20 November 2008.