Compact of Eden

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The Compact of Eden was announced in 3039 AT, on Eden. This agreement is a set of rules governing relations between the Caretaker Gods and non-Caretaker entities. The Compact allows ships to pass through Caretaker-controlled volumes and even land on planets as long as they followed a number of strict non-interference rules. These rules, usually called the SeeButNotTouch Code, are generally followed by all sane beings, as anybody within the domain of a Caretaker AI will be closely monitored and punished (usually lethally) for the slightest transgression. The Compact also incorporates rules for properly announcing stewardship of a region.

Prior to the compact, the Caretaker Gods had claimed many systems suspected of containing life-bearing planets, leading to conflict with other expansionist groups. With the announcement of the Compact in 3039 a.t., the Caretaker Gods have become more accepted, although they are often locally disliked by colonists or explorers. Since their adoption, there have been several notable violations of the Compact, perhaps most notably the Corambytia Protectorate conflict of 4679.

In addition to the Compact of Eden, the Caretaker Gods are also a signatory to the Tragadi Accords.

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Initially published on 03 March 2009.