Delta Cepheid-type star in the Solar Dominion

Polaris starlifting
Image from Steve Bowers
The star-lifting array around Polaris extracts mass from this brillant star and ejects it from the polar regions for export

Star: Polaris
Type: F7 Ib-II Cepheid variable
Distance from Sol: 430 ly
Luminosity: 2200 x Sol

This bright star in the Solar Dominion volume was the site of a famous victory by Dominion forces over a Metasoft long-range disrupter fleet during the Version War.

The star is currently being modified by stellar engineering using star-lifting techniques. The luminosity of the star powers an artificial magnetic field which surrounds the star, and this field periodically constricts to raise ejected material towards the stellar poles.

Historically this star was once famous for being the north pole star of Old Earth; this is no longer the case as precession has moved the axis of Earth's rotation by many degrees since the Great Expulsion era.

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Development Notes
Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 04 June 2009.

Celestia Add-on

DownloadSimply download into your extras file in Celestia,

and visit Polaris to see the Starlifting project there; or visit this CelestiaURL:- Polaris . Note that this URL will only work when both Celestia and the Polaris Add-on are installed.
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