Bluesky Bioxox
Image from Bernd Helfert
Four biological copies (bioxoxes) of Benedita Bluesky Dacosta were created in the Castor System by the TRHN in order to help her spread the worldhouse technology she developed.

These copies have several unusual tweaks and adaptations. The xoxes are designed for very long lifetimes; however the biological brain included in the design would eventually become saturated with memories, so each copy's very-long-term memory can be recorded in the body tissue. Memories are encoded on additional DNA molecules in chromosome-like subcellular organelles, incorporating a custom-designed bionano protein write/read system connected to the redesigned nervous system by microtubes.

In order to increase the bioxoxes' data processing capacity, tissues throughout the body were designed to be capable of conscious thought. This additional mental capicity brings their intelligence level up to roughly ten times that of a baseline human, giving them a competitive edge in the fast-moving Terragen Civilisation. Immune cells have also been boosted and modified to actively repair damage caused by aging and space radiation. All this extra activity means a high metabolic rate, needing more carbohydrate input which can be augmented by electricity input via the palms of the hands. The Bluesky xoxes have a high body temperature, partly regulated by large mobile ears. Only two of the four xoxes still exist in this form, however; one was killed in an accident, while another has ascended to the Second Toposophic level.

Fiction relating to Benedita Bluesky

Reunion At Kammerer .
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 10 June 2002.