Glidemonkeys, a popular Neogen pet based on a fictional flying monkey prototype

Image from Steve Bowers
This subsentient neogen pet lifeform is found in many locations throughout the galaxy, usually leading a semiferal lifestyle inside an enclosed habitat.

An artificially evolved clade, with an entirely novel designed genetic pattern, they have been specifically gengineered for life on low gravity worlds. Particularly common on worldhoused moons where they can live in the vertical ecosystems established on the support pillars. Mostly found up near the roof where they have plenty of height to jump off from and spread their wings.

Glidemonkeys are not capable of flight on any world with a gravity greater than 0.6 gee. A few worlds such as Chistery have a population of provolved glidemonkeys, but the inhabitants (like many other neogen sophonts) tend to avoid contact with other worlds.
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Development Notes
Text by Steve Bowers and Todd Drashner
Initially published on 07 September 2009.