Shoulder Laser

Shoulder Laser
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Shoulder mounted laser weapon, designed to acquire targets independently while still remaining under the user's control.

The most common models come with a shoulder harness and belt powerpack, and has telescopic aiming systems operated by the user via a head-up display or direct neural interface. Most models have a limited autonomy, capable of spotting targets over a wide range of angles. Some shoulder lasers are semisentient, and a few are fully sophont, offering tactical advice to the user whether e wants it or not.

A shoulder laser (or a pair) may be used in combination with other weapons, both handheld and body-mounted, allowing a single user to become a walking weapons platform. Of course, the more weapons a single user deploys, the more reliant e is on autonomous systems and augmented attention software.

Shoulderlaser 2
Image from Loopquanta

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Initially published on 14 September 2009.