Dragon (morphotype)

Image from Luke Campbell
The Wyvern is a flying dragon species which flourishes in Earth-like environments with somewhat lower gravity than normal

Dragons of many different types have been created using lazurogenic and neogenic techniques, often from crocodile or avian genes. Types include wyverns, wyrms, griffins, zmeys and drakes.

Dragon meat is a popular culinary choice, and most artificial meat production systems are capable of producing this in quantity.

Swamp Orm
Image from Luke Campbell

Some dragon species are presophont beasts, and may be dangerous (especially those with the capacity to emit flame). Others are fully sophont and are often respected members of Sephirotic civilisation. The Dragons of Kulshedra created their own morphotype by geneering themselves from lazurogened dinosaurs.

Image from Steve Bowers
A Dragonrex of Kulshedra

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Initially published on 26 November 2009.