Clive's Brain
Clive's brain
Image from Steve Bowers
Cybyotan world in the Vela-Puppis border periphery. The alien Cybyotan phylum of interconnected mobile and sessile autotrophs and heterotrophs has on this planet developed a single shared datasphere, which is home to a single entity, known familarly as 'Clive'. This entity is not self-aware, fortunately, but directs the ecology in a subconscious fashion, maintaining the balance of the biosphere with remarkable skill. In effect the planetary ecology of this planet is a single subsophont envome, or 'environmental mind'.

Clive does, however, appear to have some sort of subconscious experience, which the xenopsychologists studying this world call 'dreamtime'. The imagery produced by Clive's datasphere during these episodes is not well understood at present.

Clive's Brain resembles other examples of sentient ecology such as Kammerer in that the well-being of the biosphere is a more important goal for such entities than the well-being of subordinate organisms; each subordinate entity will gladly sacrifice emself for the good of the ecology. However, unlike Kammerer, Clive's Brain has no curiosity or interest in anything outside of itself.
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 04 December 2009.