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Seat of the Vega Geodesic Triumvirate and the first Sephirotic wormholes

Star: Vega (α Lyr / α Lyrae / Alpha Lyrae)
Class: A0V
Luminosity: 37 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 25.3 ly
Galactic xyz (ly) 9.16, 22.06, 8.34,

Surrounded by a dust ring, the luminous star Vega was a prime target for non-human colonisation. The hu-friendly AI conglomerate known as the Vega Triumvirate reached this system in 1130 AT and began to develop the system as a godtech research facility. In the process the three members of the conglomerate ascended to the second, then third singularity, and finally became Archai.

Here in 2110 AT, inspired by the abandoned Taurus Nexus wormholes, the triumvirate stabilised a 100 nanometre gauge traversable wormhole, the first one created within the Sephirotic Empires.

Vega was later the location for the first weylforge. One member of the triumvirate, Varun, later became the archai known as the Expansive One, who was involved in the expansion of the Wormhole Nexus in the Cygexpa sector and elsewhere.

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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 07 February 2010.