Battle of Hejne, The
Battle at Hejne, a Solar Dominion fringe world, where a transapient entity was defeated by the Jan-Hejne insurgent modosophonts.

In 4291 the Dominion hyperturing commander of the battleship Digimitim broadcast a long and precise message to the Jan-Hejne insurgents, demonstrating decisively the inevitability of their defeat.

The insurgent AIs feigned a combination of incomprehension and mental rigidity, forcing the Digimitim into battle. At this point they suddenly brought replicated weapons from a nearby moon surface into play, turning the tables on the Dominion. Had the Digimitim attacked directly the insurgents would not have known whether it knew about the weapons or not and been in a far less useful position, but the proof implied that the weapons were not known. In the new situation the Digimitim had to settle for a far less favourable stalemate forcing it out of the system.

Commentators have pointed out that in this case the insurgents were lucky that the Digimitim was a fairly well known factor while the exact capabilities and turing-level of the insurgent planners was unknown; had it suspected a trap it might have sent a false proof.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 11 February 2001.