Coal Sack Nebula
Coal Sack
Image from NASA
Prominent dark nebula in Crux

This nebula is a comparatively thick cloud of interstellar dust which totally obscures the background stars, approximately 60 light years in diameter and 600 light years from Sol. It lies on the border between Negentropy Space and NoCoZo space, in the so-called NoCoNeg region.
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    Colloquial and semi-humorous term for former NoCoZo systems conquered by the Negentropy Alliance during the Version War. During the early ComEmp period they caused a lot of discomfort to the Negentropy Alliance by their constant harping for less centralism and more freedom. In the end the Negentropist regional administrations allowed them sweeping liberalizations and generous trade tariffs. Although nominally a part of the Alliance they cannot be relied upon in sensitive situations, and in recent centuries have become more of a semi-autonomous empire of their own.
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 22 April 2010.