Implosion Weapon

Implosion Weapon sequence
Image from Steve Bowers
Four frames of a extreme long-distance telescopic record showing what may have been an implosion weapon in use

Implosion weapons are near-mythical godtech weapon systems that are believed to operate by altering the dimensionality of space-time.

Reports of the apparent use of the godtech device or system known as an "implosion weapon" are extremely rare, totaling no more than a dozen credible accounts in all of the Terragen Bubble in the last 4000 years.

Analysis and comparison of all such reports has yielded a broad description of implosion weapon operations. At the moment of activation, the implosion weapon seems to enclose its target in a volume of distorted or altered space. Accounts commonly mention visual distortions, lensing effects, or a "hazy bubble" surrounding the target object a fraction of a second before it is destroyed. The actual moment of target destruction is consistently described as involving an implosion to invisibility followed immediately by a massive explosion. Large energy releases with no apparent source, creation of extremely exotic particles, gravitational distortions, and even apparent alterations in the flow of time have all been reported in the immediate aftermath and vicinity of an implosion event although these effects seem to be very short-lived and are rapidly replaced by an apparent return to "normal" conditions in the vicinity. There are no credible reports of the target of an implosion attack either surviving or being less than utterly destroyed as a result.

While the exact method of operation of implosion weapons remains unknown and possibly unknowable to modosophont science, common points in all documented accounts of their apparent use have led to the following hypothesis: When in operation, an implosion weapon is believed to alter the structure of the dimensionality of space-time. Specifically, it apparently is able to somehow "expand" one or more of the extra dimensions that most credible physics theories postulate as having been created during the Big Bang and then "rolled up" at the Planck scale as the universe expanded. Simultaneous with this apparent expansion, one or more of the four normally encountered dimensions of space-time are believed to collapse or "roll up", crushing whatever matter is currently occupying that location down to the Planck scale. Whether this apparent collapse is the result of active effort by the implosion device or due to some sort of "conservation of dimensionality" is not known, although the subject itself is cause for furious debate in some circles.

The reported targets of implosion weapons vary greatly, but are all consistently the product of Fifth Singularity or higher entities. Per at least three accounts, even thousands of black angels are apparently helpless in the face of this fearsome technology. The consistency of reporting on this issue, combined with the fact that the majority of reports deemed credible arise from sophonts who have spent long periods in service to high level archailects has led several researchers to suggest that implosion weapons are both a Sixth Singularity technology and are used only in direct conflicts between archai!

Almost as disturbing to many theorists in this area is that virtually all attempts to explain the operating principles of a hypothetical implosion technology seem to require that the process operate from outside the bounds of known space-time, requiring access to either another space-time brane or the so-called bulk, sometimes described as the "space between spaces" in which our universe and perhaps many others are embedded. While the existence of Tipler Oracles demonstrates that the highest archai are able to create at least simple universes, the implications of implosion technology would seem to indicate vastly greater capacities.

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Text by Adam Getchell with additions by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 29 April 2010.

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