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Ghost Net 1
Image from Bernd Helfert
Welcome to the Ghost Net.
We aren't dying out. We're Hiding. --username_hidden>12245

@12245: Nonsense. My entire species has been in Hiding from our
beginning, and none of us has ever seen a baseline.
--username_hidden>77863 [DATE/LOC. BLOCKED]

@77863:That's the entire point of Hiding, isn't it?
--username_hidden>122 [DATE/LOC. BLOCKED]

More steaming krek. They're not Hiding or dying out. They're evolving. Give
baselines enough resources and enough time and they all self-provolve into
something better. --username_hidden>13488 [DATE/LOC. BLOCKED]

@13488: Not all of them, obviously, if enough of them have gone into Hiding to
put a dent in the population statistics. Besides, everybody knows you can't
trust Seph stats on the populations of their little nature preserves.
--username_hidden>001899 [DATE/LOC. BLOCKED]

@001899: For a price, I can tell you why they're disappearing. The real reason.
Interface here if you're interested.--DeathDuck_0001 [DATE/LOC. BLOCKED]

@everybody: DON'T TAKE DEATHDUCK'S OFFER! That's how it feeds!
--username_hidden>4487556 [DATE BLOCKED/NODE: Error: Target Node Terminated on
[DATE BLOCKED] by DeathDuck_0001]
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Text by Gizmogoblin
Initially published on 09 May 2010.