Far Edge Party

Exploring the universe in multiple instances

Light Speed Frontier
Image from Steve Bowers
Although Far Edge parties are supposed to occur at the far side of the Galaxy, Terragen exploration has not yet reached that far

One of the main problems of exploring the hundreds of billions of stellar systems in the galaxy is that a visiting each one in turn, even at relativistic velocity, would take so long that most of the stars would have died during the journey.

One solution, originally conceived by the Information Age scientist Keith Henson, is to parallelize the problem: bionts may copy their mentalities by uploading themselves into virtual form, then download into multiple bodies, or aioids are able to replicate themselves multiple times. The copies then set off in various directions to explore the galaxy, visiting many more locations than a single instance ever could.

Many explorers who exist in multiple copies arrange to meet at distant locations to exchange information and memories. These meetings are traditionally called 'Far Edge Parties', as they are supposed to occur at the 'far edge of the galaxy', although to date no exploration ships have reached that far.

Fiction about a Far Edge Party: Reunion at Kammerer
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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 18 July 2010.