The Closest star to Sol

Proxima b
Image from Steve Bowers and John Dollan
Proxima b (Lifthrasir) after terraforming

Star: Proxima Centauri
Type: M5.5 Ve
Luminosity: 0.0017 x Sol
Distance from Sol 4.2 ly (J2000 epoch); thus the closest star to Sol. Loosely bound to Alpha Centauri A+B.

Proxima Centauri was colonised during the Great Expulsion. Proxima has 4 planets; Lifthrasir, Skoll, Hati and Fenrir, and an extensive asteroid belt. The colonies among the asteroid belt were a centre for the Buddhist religion under Boddhichittamaittreya III and are now a sacred site of pilgrimage.

Visited by the spacecraft Ananas in 1040 AT at the start of Benedita Blue Sky Dacosta's epic trek across Terragen space.


I: Lifthrasir (Proxima b)

Lifthrasir: Proxima Centauri b
Lifthrasir before terraforming
Type: resonant locked terrestrial, now terraformed to EuGaian
Radius: 7008 km
Gravity: 1.11 gees
Average Surface Temperature before terraforming 275 K (now 295 K)
Orbital Period: 0.03 standard years
Semi-major Axis: 0.05 AU
Eccentricity: 0.2
Inclination: 2.00
Surface Pressure: originally 3.9 atmospheres, now 1.4 atmospheres
Rotation Period: in 3:2 resonance with orbital period; it rotates three times for every two orbits around Proxima. This means the days are 7.3 standard days long. In some locations a double sunrise and sunset can be seen at various times, because of the complex relationship between the orbital speed and rotational speed.
Obliquity: 1.8
Albedo: 0.55
Lifthrasir was an early target for unmanned probes, but because of the possible threat from the nearby ahuman colony of Nessus, this world was not targeted by colony ships until after the Great Expulsion. Settled by GAIA ark in 701 AT. The slow rotation of this world posed a challenge to early terraforming technology, but with the introduction of weather machines this was finally achieved in 1908 AT.

II: Skoll

Type: MicroJovian Type.
Radius: 23126 km
Mass: 14.322x Earth
Average Surface Temperature -181° C
Orbital Period: 6.3 standard years
Semi-major Axis 1.7 AU
Eccentricity: 0.005
Inclination: 1.00
Rotation Period: 65 standard hours
Obliquity: 18
Albedo: 0.51

III: Hati

Type: MesoJovian Type.
Radius: 26796.5
Mass: 29.708 x Earth
Average Surface Temperature: -54° C
Orbital Period: 11.95 standard years
Semimajor Axis: 2.6 AU
Eccentricity: 0.006
Inclination: 1.00
Rotation Period: 42 standard hours
Obliquity: 28
Albedo: 0.50
Rings: 80000 km

IV: Fenris

Type: Cryojovian.
Radius: 25477 km
Mass: 19.149 x Earth
Average Surface Temperature -226° C
Orbital Period: 49.4 standard years
Semi-major Axis: 6.7 AU
Eccentricity: 0.011
Inclination: 4.00
Rotation Period: 41 standard hours
Obliquity: 34
Albedo: 0.59

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