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Small close-knit group of dividuals, almost always bioxoxes, clones or close physical copies, who act as social units within a larger society. Property and wealth is often held in common among such groups, and the copygroup may specialise in one or more fields of activity, often becoming quite successful in their endeavours. Sometimes the members of a copygroup may be linked by groupmind software of one form or another; even groups which have no true group mind will usually have very close technotelepathic links between the members. Since the members of a copygroup are all very similar both physically and mentally these sort of links can be created with relative ease.

It is not unusual for a copygroup to start with a single individual, who copies eir mind using non-destructive uploading and downloads the copy into an engenerated body. By maintaining close technotelepathic links with the copy, the original can experience the sensations of life in two bodies. The single individual has now become a double dividual. Once this pair of mentalities are fully integrated extra copies can be added to the group. In order to avoid confusion between several sets of parallel memories, the copygroup can use external processing (a shared exoself) to audit the memories and arrange them accordingly.

Rivalry between copygroups may become intense, sometimes leading to conflict, since the members of a copygroup may be less tolerant of dissent than other groupings. Because of the close links, conformity and single-mindedness within a group, copygroups are often well-suited for military action where close coordination of action and mutual understanding are desirable. This means that copygroups are often in demand as mercenaries and in other military roles suitable for modosophonts.

Examples of this form of group can be found on Grignard, and in the Bolobo system Clan Slaria have become successful.
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