The Luminous Superior/Transapient clade of the Red Star M'Pire

Image from Steve Bowers
Numerous lums can be seen congregating around a microgravity city in the sky of Maximum Air
A metamorphic clade created by the archailect Farview in the Red Star M'Pire. They have extremely efficient and fast neural processing systems based on bionano optical computers. Lums use different wavelengths of light in eir internal optical processing system; green light for the lum's thought processes, red light for the lum's "body mind", and blue light for communicating through physical contact directly with other lums. These blue communication channels allow the lums to form a group mind known as 'the Blue Mind of God'. This collective mind is intimately inked to, and forms part of, the consciousness of the archai Farview Perself. None of these wavelengths can be seen externally, so cannot be intercepted by third parties.

They also possess external bioluminescence, and often use yellow wavelengths for public communication.

Many lums progress towards ascension to the first singularity, and their neural processing is so efficient that a low transapient lum is often no larger than a nearbaseline human. But lums which progress further along the toposophic scale require more processing capacity, so become larger, eventually becoming members of the subgroup known as Titans, which can grow so large that they breach the third toposophic level.

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Text by AI Vin and Steve Bowers
Initially published on 20 April 2011.