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Zoea are polymorphic bionano organisms or bioshells that serve as the fundamental didactic, artistic, scientific, administrative, missionary, companion, or transapient citizen, within the Zoeific Biopolity. All zoea have a nanobiological micro-macrobody, which is — especially in the case of intermediate toposophics — infused with Lifegiver and zoeific transapientech augmentation.

Zoea may be of any standard form — humanoid, insectoid, planktonoid, amoeboid, phytoid — or of no particular form. They can also change forms, exchange bionano and ultratech with other zoea by means of pili (exuded tendrils), exopods (additional limbs), pheromones, or tightbeam EM or sonics, or more often a combination of several or all media. They can also mate and merge with any Biopolity technology of their toposophic or lower, and any higher toposophic technology for which there are the appropriate ports and interfaces. They are able to adopt an appearance that is pleasing to whatever clade they interact with, but sometimes when they attend only to functionality and especially when they are shifting form they may have an "alien", slimy, spiny appearance that can be unsettling to typical humans or related bionts from other Sephirotics who are unaccustomed to them.

The zoeatic bioshell is too complex to be operated by any modosophont; for this reason zoea indicate the presence of transapient beings.

In terms of numbers, most zoea are of the basic transapient (First Toposophic) bionano form (with only a few standard additional transapientech augments), but there are also Second Toposophic, Third Toposophic, and even distributed megastructure Fourth Toposophic-based zoea, such as form the bodies and psychophysiologies and/or avatars of Lifegivers and other intermediate toposophic Minds. Higher biopolity archailects will also manifest frequently through zoea avatarforms, or use these as remotes or seraiph.

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    [1] Term for a Zoeific Biopolity Power or Archai (equivalent to "My Lord", "Blessed One" etc.)
    [2] Polite/respectful term for a Zoeific hyperturing
    [3] Formal respectful Zoeific term for a superior - equivalent to "Zar" ("Sir"), "Highness" etc.
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Initially published on 08 March 2003.