Zhang Qian

Sophic League planet with mobile cities

Image from Steve Bowers
The city blocks of Zhang Qian use Scrub Slug technology to move over this dry, eroded, ancient world

Star: JD 47722909
Type: K3 V
Luminosity: 0.21 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 571 ly
Colonised: 3120 AT
Allegiance: Sophic League / NoCoZo
Planet: Zhang Qian
Type: PostGaian subtype, a dry terrestrial world 8 billion years old that has no tectonic activity and shrunken oceans

The first settlers of this world mostly identified themselves as having Chinese ancestry, although (after thousands of years of immigration and emigration) the current population includes sophonts from many parts of the Terragen Sphere.

Self-contained city blocks with efficient water-conservation systems wander over the eroded landscape, often forming into larger aggregations joined by temporary roadways and bridges. In the current era each of these mobile cityblocks are independently sophont, and are counted as citizens in their own right. Significantly, most of the cityblocks owe their allegiance to the NoCoZo, while many of the human and provolve inhabitants of this world retain membership of the Sophic League empire.

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Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 11 April 2012.