Living Paper
A computer or supercomputer resembling a sheet of paper, Interplanetary Age to recent. It has a color display with optional 3-D bump texturing and a fully configurable touch sensitive surface. It can be written on with a stylus, draw, paint, use your fingers like a mouse, even type. It also accepts voice input. The bottom side contains the antenna (networking). Can be used as a standard computer displaying the GUI of the user's choice, or switch it to TruPaper mode where it works just like a sheet of paper, only with an infinite supply. Even in TruPaper mode you can seamlessly integrate other computer functions like calculator, mail, net, spreadsheet. Want to transfer some data? Bring it to the front of one paper, and lay it on top of a blank paper and hit copy. Available in a variety of sizes "Note" "Letter" "Legal" "Ledger" "Layout" and "Newspaper."
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Text by Brian McKinley
Initially published on 27 February 2002.