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Ghost Net 1
Image from Bernd Helfert
[rumour]Below is a reconstruction based on a few images taken at long distance by survivors of the massacre at Gamma Talosi IV-G. This could be an individual of the long-lost Bad Idea, although some analysts think it is a warbot or exoskeleton intended to resemble that species. This entity, whatever it is, was about ten metres tall with a triped stance. The mouthparts may be concealed within the mass of tentacles. Two of the legs have manipulator-arms attached.

This entity was exposed to the colony's oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere without ill effects, but its ability to operate does not indicate that its ecotype is similar to ours, only that it can operate in an Earth-like atmosphere.

There have been other incidents in this region of a similar nature, the worst being that at 48 Talosi where three colonies were lost, apparently to an orbital bombardment, with a loss of 60 million humans and other clades. This region has a 45% higher rate of missing starships than other comparable regions in the Periphery. Other nearby colonies are building up defenses except for the Rescentist colony on Beacon which is sticking to its policy of pacifism. Their attempts to pray themselves into communion with the aliens do not seem to have had any effect.

Species 5
Image from Aaron Hamilton
[rumour]Below is a rough description of an unknown craft seen near the tramp freighter 'Canarias' before that ship was disabled and left adrift in deep space. There is little information on scale although some analysts suspect it could be a heavy fighter or commerce raider. There is no reliable information about the weapons used, if any.[/rumour]

Unknown vessel
Image from Aaron Hamilton
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Initially published on 01 May 2001.

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