Dawn Beacons

Dawn Beacon
Image from Steve Bowers

Early Hider communities developed numerous technologies intended to delay or possibly prevent destruction of their society by xenosophonts or other malign entities. Since the emergence of the Dawn Hunter mythos these anxieties have become associated with them. While these efforts were considered amusing by much of the rest of the Terragen sphere some of the technologies developed have gained recognition.

Among these rare exceptions, the Dawn Beacons stand out for their simplicity and straightforwardness. The sole purpose of Dawn Beacons is to act as baits for advanced civilizations with malicious intent. Transmitting abstract mathematical data and other signals indicating a thriving polity attempting to communicate across interstellar space, the Beacons are intended to attract or misdirect alien probes or other intruders, and act as a first line of defense for many hider polities.

While these devices would not deceive an entity with access to godtech, this technology offers a certain amount of assurance of safety to more backward and isolated polities.

Techno-philosopher tribe mind Leto/Slunko once said following about the Dawn Beacons:

If a weak man needs a crutch and a maimed man needs prosthetic then the Hiders need Dawn Beacons and the Tylansians need Glarion. The sad fact is a genemod or a clone body would be much better.
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Text by Dalex
Initially published on 25 March 2015.