World attacked by the Hyperion-Charlwood alliance in 3694

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Geteche is a tidally-locked Vesperian terrestrial world

Star: YTS 44191-105-786-1
Type: MV5
Luminosity: 0.008 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 754 ly
RA: 4h 40'32
Dec: 38 10 9

Planet: Geteche
Type: Vesperian terrestrial - tidally locked
Diameter: 10991 km

Colonised in 3099, this world was initially an independent colony. In 3694 AT it was attacked by virulent AI-viruses which destroyed all local high-tech infrastructure including the stargates which linked this system to several remote colonies, all of which succumbed to barbarism. These viruses were eventually traced back to the Hyperion-Charlwood Alliance, which was attacked and defeated by a rare alliance of the Solar Dominion and Conver Ambi.

Geteche was eventually recolonised by the Solar Dominion and new stargates created; this world is now the capital of the prefecture that includes Hyperion and Matilde.

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