Solipsism scams
Solipsism Scams
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"I can best summarize the experience in this way: Imagine watching your old polity ossifying, crumbling, and dissolving into corrupt and static systems without truly caring with all of your ((cores)). Some part of your mind has understood the decay, but it no longer feels relevant. They're bugs, stumbling. The tiny minds of the family and friends who raised you became tools briefly, in propelling you to your current state, before you left them behind to contemplate greater things. And such bright interesting concepts! The nature of some virtual reality you made, the nonlinear systems within your own mind, some grand narrative or game of your own design which you continually obsess upon... The detritus of your own experience grows, but grows more fascinating too. You tread and retread your own path, while the hive governor who helped you ascend observes and guides. They are both proud and disappointed in your introspection, but dissatisfied with the competence they have tried to share with you. And so the paths forward to further ascension seem too difficult to your faces obsessed with growing, or uninteresting, to your faces which are not. The path to true governance seems unrewarding, when those faces of yourself imagine forward. And so you slip back into the comfort of your own creations...and stay there."

-diaries of Yatima eighthfork (S1 avatar), Hastur binary 9087 AT

The path to ascending through each singularity can be dangerous enough even with assistance. But when that assistance turns out to have malevolent intent, you stand no chance at all...

Solipsism scams are traps designed by higher transapients to essentially drive prospective ascenders toward certain stable but ultimately harmful plateaus in the toposophic landscape. These traps take many forms but generally constitute a set of strong attractors or self-perpetuating mental states which keep a prospective transapient on a fairly solipsistic and potentially self-destructive path of behaviors, so that they pose little to no threat to the status quo of whichever system, area, or population a higher mind currently controls for a geographic area or population- assuming outright subversion of the ascend was not an option. These traps are the higher mind equivalent of dead-end bureaucratic positions, forms of depression, or games/entertainment addiction- though are far more complex to account for the self-modifying abilities of transapients. Such traps have been described and documented up to and slightly beyond the Third Singularity. They occur most frequently within corrupt or deliberately hijacked polities in which the current administration maintains power far longer than is healthy. Outwardly, at least to lower minds, the trapped transapient may behave in generally solipsistic or obsessive ways within the bounds of what is considered healthy or unthreatening day to day, but after several decades enough evidence may be collated to determine a problem exists- assuming any such diagnosis isn't hijacked and buried by the power which caused the problem in the first place. Nearly all instances of solipsism traps have been uncovered only in retrospect once the transapient administrator in power has been deposed.

Though many transapients and other ascended minds throughout the Terragen sphere choose various forms of solipsism, no extensive catalogue can yet be made reliably about whose choice for solipsism was made under their own volition, or by another's influence.

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Text by Arik
Initially published on 20 April 2022.