Inoffensive Bodies
This trend among some sophonts involves a series of augmentations intended specifically to suppress the sometimes subjectively unpleasant or embarrassing features of biology. It involves a synbiome designed to remove such things as scent molecules, the products of microbial breakdown of impurities in sweat (in creatures that naturally sweat) and similar materials.

Inoffensive body synbiomes may also operate in the digestive tract, breaking down waste products in faecal material into urea, sulphates, phosphates and water and pumping them through the digestive tract wall into the bloodstream. Additional systems at the skin surface break down the urea into nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide. Most nearbaselines undergoing this body modification want to retain at least some features of their natural biology, and in the majority of cases the biont will need to evacuate a small amount of neutral gel, or other neutral types of material such as dry pellets or clay-like plastic materials, at long intervals.

Inoffensive Body philosophy is sometimes reversed by an individual biont or group of bionts, to increase the sensory impact of their bodies on others

The energy required to perform all these functions is obtained by further breaking down the waste material which the natural biological systems present in the host cannot metabolise but specifically designed technology can, combined with higher food intake and in some circumstances, consumption of synthetic foodstuffs optimised for the purpose.
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Initially published on 13 July 2022.