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No matter how prosperous an empire, how mighty an army or fleet, or how far the reach of an Archailect, it all comes down to the individual personality, the innovator and leader, the performer and the idealist, the thief, the lover, the trickster, the saint, and the warrior. When see them on the 3D and learn about them in the history interactives, we are inspired and uplifted by their deeds and their sacrifices or repelled by their crimes. We love them and we hate them, we want to be their friends or their enemies, we want to be like them or reform them, play or destroy their music, sing or erase their poetry, enact or counteract their deeds, take part in their adventures. We want to make love to them or kill them, we want to be near them or avoid them. They may be our culture heroes; the role models and saviors who keep the galaxy sane, or they may be the threats that sharpen our awareness of life or inspire us to defend our homes.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
modified by Stephen Inniss
Initially published on 15 October 2000.

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