Bronze Age

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A period of approximately 2000 years in prehistoric human cultural and technological development in western Eurasia on Old Earth, stretching from approximately 5300 to 3200 BT (3300 to 1200 BC), during which tools were often made of bronze, an alloy of copper with arsenic and/or tin. It was preceded within the Agricultural Age by use of stone tools (the Neolithic) or in places by mixed use of copper and stone tools (Chalcolithic) and was followed by the widespread adoption of iron tools (the Iron Age). Though they are less common, the ores required for bronze are easier to smelt than those for iron, and in this region bronze was the first widespread metal, though in other regions such as West Africa the first metal used was iron. Other technologies that emerged in the same region during this time were literature, swords, and chariots.

Development Notes
Text by Stephen Inniss
after an original by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 18 July 2010.