Perseus Arm Xeon Arion Ascendancy The Amalgamation Perseus Arm Defence Organisation Pluton Volume The Solipsist Panvirtuality Kappa Cassiopeia Oshiq The Red Star 'M'pire The Muuh Empire Hiederia Solar Dominion Solar Dominion Solar Dominion Tabridgen The Soft Ones Territory Metasoft Outer Volumes Metasoft Version Tree Metasoft Version Tree Dilmun Heimat Wurm Orion Federation Orion Federation Enremdea Orion Nebula Rigel The Stellar Umma Harmonic-Resonance (Adhara) Adara Trade Treaty Puppis_Democracy Middle Regions The Verifex Nebula (formerly the open cluster M50 Crystal Star Domain Former Auld Limner Empire Emple-dokcetics Stanislaw Chorus (in the Cantor system) Niuearth Geminga Pleiades Sol, Solsys, the Solar System Archosaurian Empire Utopia Sphere NoCoZo Vela Immunity Kemmerer Ozymandias Eta Carina Rush Alpha Jupkai, Iahi Daon home system Cthonid Home System Zoeific Biopolity Region of maximum supernova damage during the Gehenna Incident; later the Hellfire Expansion Argelander Inner Sphere Arkady 2 Oh-F-Star-4 Refugium Federation Ancient alien Wormhole from Oh-F-Star-4 NoCoZo Efficiency Maximization Paradigm Corambytia Protectorate NoCoNeg The Locality of Wolfra (Crucis Corridor) TrueModel The Retina nebula (Disarchy-Premacy Compact) Negentropy Alliance The Zennor system The Sagittarius NoCoZo, later, the Sagittarius Sphere Tunh - an ancient alien wormhole Oracle Machine Territory Surreal Rash Muuh Enclave within the Terragen Sphere Muuh Enclave within the Terragen Sphere The Outer Frontier  The Outer Volumes Deneb Sector The lost colony of Guanche Cygexpa (Cygexba) Cygexpa (Cygexba) Panthalassa The Ocean Fleet The Enif Prefecture Sadalmelik Arkab Prior A + B Mutual Progress Alliance Mutual Progress Alliance Outer Regions Serpens Region Prediction Cluster The Keter Dominion The Keter Dominion Alien Wormhole to Tunh Sagittarius Transcultural Cooperation Laughter Hegemony Enigma Cluster Meistersinger Migration Route Orion Arm (the Local Arm) Sagittarius Arm Perseus Principalities Coreward Refugium Federation To'ul'h Prime Spinward Antispinward, Counterspinward Rimward

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 Each square is a thousand light years on a side; bear in mind however that the disk of the galaxy is more than two thousand light years thick at this point, and locations that appear next to each other may be very far from each other.